Flooding in Montenegro

We have had loads of problems with flooding in Montenegro.  The rain stopped a few days ago but the floods just aren’t going down and in some cases seem to continue rising.  There have been some tough decisions to make and some houses were flooded as a dam was opened to stop flooding in another part of town.  The worst hit areas have been on the coast and Danilovgrad.  It seems that thousands of properties have been effected which is a lot for a country of less than 700,000 people.  They almost declared a national state of emergency.

Please pray that the waters recede immediately and that communities can be united together as they try to get their lives back to normal.  This video is quite long but you can skip through it and looking at the road signs, trees and houses you will get a feel for just how high the water is.

On top of that there are daily earthquakes in different parts of the country measuring up to 4 on the richter scale.  Nothing major but you do wonder what is going on.


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