Preaching in Kotor

Kotor is an idyllic town and an icon of the Montenegrin coast.  As you drop down to the bay from the mountains you feel like you’re entering a Norwegian fjord.  It has medieval city walls looping back up into the mountains that were built when the town was part of the Republic of Venice.  As you drive along your breath is taken away with every turn.


There is a small group of Christian believers who meet together to worship each Sunday.  Leading the group at the moment is Dragan, an old friend from Niksic.  Like me in Niksic, he iscaring for the fellowship for a few months.  We wanted to go an spend some time with them so stayed over Saturday night and I taught at their meeting on Sunday morning.

Dragan, Mikica & Ilija


It has certainly been one of the highlights of our stay so far.  The number one reason is the welcome and hospitality we received from Dragan & Mikica.  It was amazing.  I could eulogise them for many paragraphs but I will hold back.  Suffice it to say that they are wonderful examples of Christian love and mission.  They work hard and laugh hard and are a beacon of light to those around them.  It was one of those occasions for a preacher when you know you received more than you gave.

Please pray for the Christians in Kotor.

This final picture is of a young man I met.  He is holding his picture of ‘God’ and was about to launch into a graphic re-telling of David & Goliath.  His favourite bit seemed to be when David cuts Goliath’s head off.  He really wanted us to be sure how it was done!

Matija and God




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