St Nikola’s Day in Montenegro

Today was the slava to celebrate Sveti Nikola (St Nicholas).  He is Rada’s family’s saint so there were big celebrations in the Koprivica household.  This is the first time I’ve been in Montenegro for Sveti Nikolov day and was really looking forward to it and really enjoyed it.  Lots of laughter and family time and food and drink although I think the women work far too hard to make it all happen.

Sveti Nikola

I had to fit my attendance at the slava around the two Sunday services.  I really enjoyed them but was a little taken aback to have two surprise visitors for the evening sermon on ‘circumcision’!  Still it’s a very important topic to get right and is useful to explain a true understanding of Christianity – honestly!

The snow is all compacted now.  I fitted my snow chains and proudly did a load of errands on the ice without hitting anybody or anything.  Although one guy hit me but he said it was ‘nothing’ so it must be alright.  I love the way life just goes on as normal after a foot of snow – except perhaps a tad slower.  People come out of the house and clear the road themselves – it’s revolutionary.

Unfortunately Anya has come down with a high temperature so she is bed bound at her grandparents’.  Please pray she is absolutely fine asap – thank you!


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