Jesus was born so I wouldn’t kick the cat

We’re celebrating Christmas today, but we’re not exposed to the traditional lead-up that is experienced in the UK.  So it doesn’t feel at all like a normal Christmas.  Nevertheless, Rada’s parent’s gave us one of their turkeys (ready to cook!) and we’ll have the family round later today for a half traditional British Christmas Dinner.  We’ll have another set of celebrations Montenegro style on 7th January – the Orthodox date for Christmas.

So I was lying in bed this morning, asleep, when I was awoken by a big crash from the kitchen.  I went through to see our stuffing breadcrumbs on the floor and the glass bowl they were in smashed.  It was the cat, she had been ragging the bag of tomatoes around and knocked the bowl on the floor.  I was really really angry.  I must admit my instinct was to take off my slipper and throw it at the guilty creature hiding under the table.  But I remembered…

…today is the day we celebrate the Son of God coming to earth as a human.  Although he was God and had authority over all creation he chose to come in the humblest human form.  A vulnerable baby.  Remember what comes a few months after Christmas?

Easter.  When Jesus was resurrected he defeated death and he also defeated the power of sin in our lives.  I wanted to lash out at the cat because I was angry.  I wasn’t just angry because of the breadcrumbs.  I was angry because I’m a human and often anger is lurking under the surface waiting for an excuse to pop out and vent itself.  But to lose control of your anger is wrong and damages yourself and others.  But I follow Jesus and God’s presence is in me, so I can choose not to lash out.  I can choose to ask his God to give me self-control and peace…

…and remember what we’re celebrating today.


2 thoughts on “Jesus was born so I wouldn’t kick the cat

  1. …And then once you’ve calmed down, the cat needs to learn a lesson – an extra long dose outside in the cold…

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