Maths Whizz

Just a very quick update on Anya’s time in Montenegro for anybody who is interested.  January is school holidays so she’s been off for 3 weeks.  She may not go back at all as the schools may not re-open to keep swine flu under control and we’re probably leaving about 7th February.

Anya is missing her hamster, Florence, painfully.  Anya has grown taller and certainly wiser and works very hard at all the homework we set her.  Most days she completes a number square like the one below – the idea is to see how many she can get right in 10 minutes.  This week she took off to a whole new level and has been getting all 100 timestables correct in less than 10 minutes with a fastest time of 8:47!  I’m very impressed.

X 6 1 9 8 10 3 2 4 5 7


I dare you to print it out and have a go yourself! Another highlight this week has been seeing Anya discover Inspector Gadget.  Another proud moment.

It has been great watching Anya flourish in Montenegro.  Her language has improved greatly and she seems so comfortable in the culture here.  Of this I am pleased because I have always been concerned she’d be more British than Montenegrin having spent most of her time in the UK.

Hypnotised by Anya


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