Frustrating morning, great evening

Monday was an exhausting day.  We got up at 5.30am to take Rada’s dad to the hospital in Podgorica.  It was all a bit confusing but he’d been told to get there early to begin the preparation for his double heart bypass.  Alas, we waited around for nearly an hour before they told him they’d call him to come in on 3rd or 4th February.  It is such a mess.  I can’t imagine psyching myself up for major heart surgery only to be told in the hospital what could have been told over the phone.  Anyway, it means there is a possibility Rada will stay a bit longer to be there when he has the surgery.  Anya and myself will definitely return the week beginning 7th February so that Anya can get back to school.

Monday evening was another trip to Podgorica but this time for a much more pleasant reason.  It was Rada’s birthday and I’d organised a surprise meal out for us with some of her friends.  Rada was over the moon and it made me so happy to see her happy.  We even managed to get the private VIP part of the restaurant and had a great evening.  We arrived back in Niksic really late but really happy.

Out for Rada's birthday


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