Goodbye, Montenegro

It’s my last day in Montenegro today and it’s a scorcher.  I was just at Stan’s house printing off my last sermon for tonight and the hotel reservations for the journey home – then I had the privilege of walking home.  There is only one thing I enjoy more than driving in Montenegro, and that is walking in Montenegro.  The sun was out, the temperature high and everybody out and about.  Kids playing in the fields, adults drinking and talking on verandas, and me walking the streets of my second home.

I am ready to return to England but I know in a few weeks I’ll be yearning for Montenegro again.  England seems a bit like a dream.  I can’t quite remember what it’s like – a bit like in the middle of winter when you can’t imagine what it’s like to be able to wear a t-shirt outside.

For those I’ll be leaving behind, thanks for a great welcome and a wonderful experience.  Take care of yourselves, keep in touch and I’ll see you soon.

And everybody in England – I’ll see you soon!



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