The Promise

I thoroughly recommend that you see The Promise.  The first episode is available on 4 On Demand for the next few weeks.

Mum recommended it to me.  It is a moving look at life in Israel and Palestine and Britain’s role in the establishment of the Israeli state post World War II.  All this through the eyes of a naive yet open minded British 18 year old as she lives with a middle class Israeli family whilst reading through her grandfather’s war diary – he liberated Belsen and then was posted in Palestine to manage the entry of Jewish immigrants.

If you don’t understand the politics of ‘The Holy Land’ then this drama will stimulate you and provoke you and enlighten you.  And who can say they truly understand?

Here’s a glimpse to tempt you:

2 thoughts on “The Promise

  1. i didnt like it.

    i find the female protagonist wholly unlikable, dont buy the israeli girl/brit soldier romance at all, find the attempt to compare the brit occupation with the current situation in israel to be reaching, and note that during the first hour, we didnt see one 48 era arab….amazing, i thought they were everywhere

    best part of part 1, was when bleeding heart traitor bro got blown to bits…i stood up and cheered

    especially after that show with him and his arab buddy.

  2. Thanks for commenting – however, let’s remember that this show is on channel 4 on Sunday evening and will be catching a fair amount of mainstream British viewers. They will have been exposed to a glimpse of how complex Israel/Palestine is and will have their misconceptions, that are fed them by the usual British news outlets’ drivel, challenged. For that I give praise to The Promise.

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