City Kids as Signs of the Kingdom

I read an enlightening article over the weekend all about working with inner city children in Birmingham.  The author was exploring the biblical concept of receiving the Kingdom of God like a child.

One of her points was that when we truly accept children unconditionally then it is really us who will find salvation as much as the child:

“One educated Church Member, finding the behaviour of the children in the Fun Club unacceptable, had been critical of the work.  Out one day collecting for Christian Aid, she called at one of the many flats.  The door opened and she was surprised to see a familiar little face (a Fun Club child) looking up at hers.  With joy, the little girl rushed off and was heard to shout to her Mum, ‘It’s my friend at the door’!  The woman was moved to tears that the child should call her friend…and she changed.  In so many ways the children showed us how to be, open, powerless and free in the truth of Christ.” (Jane Grinonneau – City Kids as Signs of the Kingdom)



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