YES (well, NO really) to AV

So is it just like the general election last year when EVERYBODY was going on about voting Lib Dems and then bottled it and went for the usual left or right?  Or is just that everyone I spoke to, or read on facebook, did vote YES but in reality just make up a tiny part of the voting public and the older non facebook using demograph are more likely to make the journey down to the polling station?

It’s not that I mind too much.  I did vote YES but only because I want more fun on voting day.  And it’d be nice to have a vote for some minor party but still feel like your vote could count in deciding between the big two or three.  But I thought with all the ‘anti-Tory-no-to-AV-dirty-tactics’ stuff going round people would vote YES but I guess they didn’t and probably bottled it again.

It’s always an anti-climax getting in those little quarter booths things they have where anyone can see what you’re doing and just putting a little X in ONE box.  Ah well too late now anyway.


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