I’m proud as punch.  I can’t actually believe I’ve got a son.  The birth was incredible.  Rada was wonderful, it is unbelievable how traumatic birth is but she persevered right to the end…and now we have Aleksa 🙂

Welcome to the world Aleksa

He arrived at 1.30am so I only got a couple of hours sleep the first night but I am not complaining one bit.  There’s stinks to change, crying in the night, loads of extra work but it is worth all of it and much more.

Anya has been a star too.  It’s no easy task being the only child for nearly eight years and then suddenly becoming a big sister.  But she’s working hard at adapting and being incredibly helpful.  She has great character and I can’t wait to see how Aleksa’s develops too.

I’m so thankful to God for my family and for the health of all of us.  Something never to be taken for granted.  I can’t wait for the adventure ahead!

Relaxing at home after a big night out

2 thoughts on “Aleksa

  1. Hi All congrats on the birth of your son and little brother for Anya well done

    Glad you all ok take it easy he is beautiful
    Linda in Finance

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