The Riots

It’s time for the nation to unite.  We’re on the brink of anarchy because of the actions of the minority.  We need to stand together to stop this.  I don’t know what we can do but I do know we need to be united.  Politicians, please don’t bicker or go for easy shots.

Part of me wants the army to take the streets – and maybe that would be the solution for now.  But it would be more powerful for the peaceful masses to take to the streets?  I do belief that peace will overcome violence.  Is there anything we can do to stop this for tomorrow night?

And then once the emergency is over, what are the consequences?  What should be done to those who have been caught?  Will it do any good to throw the book at them?  Probably not long term.  Our communities need serious restoration and reconciliation.  We need to pray for wisdom for our community leaders and our politicians to sort this mess out and to work out what needs to be done in the future.

This is bad bad stuff that’s going, we have got to use it as a catalyst to transform this country.  The perpetrators are out of order and need to face justice but they’re the victims too.  These kids are the victims of decades of policy that has alienated them from the police, schools, politicians and worst of all their parents.  We are one messed up society and for too long we have been blinded by our superiority complex.  We have looked around haughtily at other countries – called them animals for the atrocities they have committed.  Are we any better?

God help us.


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