Like the true bandwagon hitchhiker I can often be, I’m really enjoying Nirvana live on BBC4. The music is truly awesome, watching them is intriguing. I really am neither an expert nor a genuine fan but there is something powerful about Nirvana, 20 years on their legacy lives and I am sure they continue to influence.

The trouble is, although we can all be motivated by a bit of non-conformist showmanship, there is something about the music, the demeanour, the hair, the cardigan, the voice that gives me a chill. I don’t know what Cobain stood for but the guy is a global hero. He is lifted up, his attitude to be emulated. Maybe the point is he stood for not standing for anything in particular.

And what disturbs me is that there are kids these days who may or may not have heard of Nirvana but are still so disenfranchised from society that their anarchy and rebellion oozes out of them. Smells like teen spirit.

Nirvana sound great but they offer no hope. The cult icon is dead. Though his influence lives on it has done him no good.

We have to give the kids a hope. Something to believe in.

P.S. I am totally qualified to pass these sweeping comments because I never owned Nevermind but did have Bleach.

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