Scottish Independence and The Balkans

This is a fascinating article in The Economist comparing Scottish independence to Yugoslavia pre 1990.  The piece does not give any answers but rather raises questions and issues that are intriguing.

I particularly think the point near the end where the article says those in Yugoslavia were told everything would be the same but they would be richer is interesting.  Anecdotally I have been told that, in Montenegro at least, people are now worse off then they were in a united Yugoslavia.

Personally, I speak with absolutely no political bias and am certainly uninformed but I would be very sad to see Scotland leave the UK as they make up a colourful and vital part of our culture and identity.


2 thoughts on “Scottish Independence and The Balkans

  1. People feels now worse than in anciente Yugoslavia en general. At that moment, it was a strong country so they all miss Tito. Everybody had job and enough money to travel. Also they didnt need visas to go to toher countries. Now, in the recent years, visas to go to EU dissapeared. Still, not much jobs and money as before.

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