Procrastination is bad!

We’re in the season of dissertations and revising.  Millions of us are trying to be productive at work every day.  Countless gardens need tending.  Unlimited letters need writing and emails sending.  All the kids across the country need someone to spend some time with them.

But loads of these tasks don’t get done because of procrastination.  Sometimes we can glorify this with comments on facebook similar to the cartoon above (courtesy of Dave Walker).  However, we really should be overcoming this habit of putting off till tomorrow what should be done today.

I was reading a devotion from Joyce Meyer earlier and she stated that if we can avoid procrastination then we can really enjoy our leisure time so much more.  I totally agree with this!  Cull the distractions, be determined, find some ways to be disciplined, get your work done, and then…..RELAX!

Have a productive and relaxing day!


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