The Olympics, can’t wait

Radio 5 Live have managed to totally demoralise me and then inspire me regarding the Olympics this week.

Yesterday morning whilst trapped on the M6 I was treated to the most dour, depressing and anal discussion about whether the Olympics is a waste of money and whether it will leave a worthy legacy. I do care but not enough to be going on about it day after day after day. Come on, the media and the politicians are ruining the Olympics for us with all this wrangling and these doomsday prophecies about a lack of legacy.

People think the Olympics is a waste of money. So what? I think the defence budget is a waste of money but I’m in the minority so I don’t demand to get my way.

The Olympics is about excitement, human achievement, healthy national pride and being inspired. And this is what 5 Live did for me tonight. I caught 45 minutes of a fantastic program about great moments in Olympic history. I heard discussion about Bob Beamon, Michael Johnson and the black power salute. All really inspiring and grippingly interesting. I’ll try and catch the rest on the web.

Dear 5 Live, please, as the Olympics get closer let’s give less platform to the politicians and pessimists and let’s hear more about the great stories of the past and look forward to those of this summer.


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