Cameron’s Benefit Madness

Now that the football is all done and dusted with, at least for a couple of days, I can look around at what is going on in the real world.  And what do I see?  I see that some numpty has announced he’d like to do away with Housing Benefit for under 25s.  I admit this rant is based on the headline, I haven’t looked into the detail, but what on earth are you talking about?

How on earth do you expect these young people to live anywhere?  I suppose you’re planning for everyone to stay at home until they’re 25 but what about those who don’t want to, or those that can’t?  No Housing Benefit for under 25s?  Sorry, but get a grip Mr Cameron, I have given you the benefit of the doubt so far but if this is what you want you are showing you really are out of touch.

I see there are 2 reasons that young people are unemployed:

  • There are no jobs for young people
  • Some young people are too lazy to bother looking for one or sticking at one

Your proposal Cameron might get a couple of hundred thousand off their sofas but it would plunge hundreds of thousands more into homelessness and poverty.  Sorting that mess out will cost a lot more than we’re paying for Housing Benefit.  Rant over.


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