A real Olympic legend

I think Usain Bolt is over-hyped.

I am sure there are exceptions, but my opinion is that sprinters have to train the least out of probably all Olympians and so I feel the excitement surrounding the 100m is unjustified.  The 100m seems to be about who is the most talented, but for me sport is about working hard to achieve your potential and Bolt clearly hasn’t achieved his potential yet.

My hero from yesterday was Irish marathon runner Caitriona Jennings.  We were stood in the rain yesterday watching the marathon and it was clear early on that the Irish athlete was very uncomfortable.  With a PB of 2 hours 36 minutes Jennings ended up finishing with a time of 3 hours 22 minutes.  From about 10 miles on she looked to be in agony.  She demonstrated guts, determination, humility and the ultimate Olympic spirit to cross the line 17 minutes after her nearest rival.  I don’t know the story behind why she struggled so much but to see her keep going was inspiring.

I really hope that Bolt-mania doesn’t hog the airwaves in coming days and we get the chance to continue to be motivated and pushed on to reach our own potentials by the ‘smaller’ but no less deserving Olympic stories.


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