Life outside the Olympics

The wife and the daughter are having a little boogie on Just Dance which prevents me from watching the Paralympics.  Was at a loose end for a few moments having had the European Champs, Olympics, start of the football season and now the Paralympics to keep me occupied all summer.  So I went on a bit of a browse round some of the links from my blog and quickly remember a whole stimulating world of innovation, learning and observation that I had forgotten about.

The sport has been pretty inspiring this year but it all takes place in a big bubble that doesn’t transfer too easily into the real world.  After a week down in London at the start of August I returned to life in the West Midlands and realised there are whole bunch of people who don’t give a monkeys about Sheffield’s finest heptathlete or a sideburned hero from Wigan.  They have much more pressing matters to think about like trying to scrounge a few cigarettes, wondering whether to get another abortion or whether they’d be sleeping on a bench, sofa or bed that night.

So, sports junkies, there is another world out there.  Don’t forget to engage your brain with it or pay attention to those who might need a bit deeper support than ‘our greatest team’.


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