Western Justice

In 2002 a 15 year old boy was sentenced to 40 years in prison for killing a soldier of an occupying army.

Today Omar Khadr has been repatriated to his native Canada to serve the remainder of his sentence which as been reduced to 8 years because of his guilty plea.  Since 2002 he has been locked away in Guantanamo for killing a US soldier in Afghanistan.  I think Guantanamo is evil at the best of times, but to inflict it on a 15 year old boy blows my mind.

In Britain this week we have been in uproar about a 30 year old teacher who eloped with a 15 year old pupil.  She has been manipulated to elope by an older man who took advantage.  Omar Khadr was manipulated to kill by a repressive regime who took advantage.  Did his age count for nothing in American justice?

I am becoming increasingly uncomfortable with what the West stands for once you dismantle the outer layers presented by governments and the media.  It just seems like there is a web of corruption and greed out there glossed over with fake fights for justice and democracy.

This summer Great Britain proved it was great at putting on an Olympics, great at performing in sport at the highest level and great at pulling together to have a good time.  These things are important but we should be wary of believing we’re better than everybody else and that our view of the world is purer than those from other nations.  I appreciate that Britain didn’t sentence a 15 year old boy to 40 years in prison but we are complicit in America’s ‘war on terror’ and therefore need to be aware what actions we are allied with.

Be proud of the good things in our nation, but don’t for a moment think we’re better than everyone else.


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