Survival of the Fittest

Nearly a year ago my little brother asked me if I wanted to do some 10km race with extra obstacles.  It sounded fun and would be good motivation to get fit so I said yes.  That’s what led to me reluctantly joining in the mass warm-up with an over enthusiastic fitness trainer on the start line of the Survival of the Fittest race in Nottingham on Saturday.

Me and Sim over the haybales

It was tough and although I wasn’t terribly unfit I was more sluggish than I wanted to be and my little brother beat me….gutted.  The whole family came out to support us which was simply splendid.  The highlight for me was near the end as I negotiated the final obstacles and there at my side was my dad running alongside me cheering me on giving me a big hug at the end.  It was a real flashback to the old race walking and cross country days and his enthusiasm and affection were really meaningful.  Thanks dad, and the rest of the family for a great day out.  I’ll get you next year Sim!


One thought on “Survival of the Fittest

  1. Congrats for getting through it! Next year you will beat your little brother!! It says alot about someone to tackle something that is hard and get through it! Good job!!

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