Truth for a Monday morning

Do you ever feel that no matter how hard you try you just can’t get things right?  You try your best but things keep going wrong?  That pretty much describes a lot of my attempts at life!  I usually have good intentions but before I know it I’ve got lazy or selfish and messed something up!

But not to worry – here are a few truths to help us through the week:

  1. God’s love is enough for us – no matter how hard things get, God’s love and grace will see us through.
  2. God’s power is made perfect in weakness – whatever flawed offering you give to God this week he will make it a perfect offering by combining it with his power.
  3. God removes all wrongdoing from us – however much bad things others have done to you, or whatever you have done to others or to yourself, God removes it so far away from us that it has no hold on us any more.  Put the past behind you and walk with God into whatever circumstances this week has to offer!

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