Planet Football

I find the result of the Eden Hazard kicking the ballboy incident quite worrying but unsurprising.

Ok, the FA did their best to try and get the ban for violent conduct extended past the obligatory 3 games.  However, what is disturbing is that Chelsea seem to be totally unbothered by his actions.  I have blogged about this sort of thing before but football clubs really do not care about the conduct of their players and staff so long as they keep the money coming in.

In any other industry where adults are rubbing shoulders with children on a daily basis, as footballers do, an employee would immediately be suspended if they were alleged to have kicked a child.  But rather than suspend him from work whilst they investigate the situation Chelsea just want to argue his case.  And I wonder what the Safeguarding Board of Swansea have got to say about this?  A child was assaulted on their turf but it seems because it happened on a football pitch different rules apply.  Surely football clubs have a duty to protect children who play, volunteer or work for them?

What would happen if you took a weapon into work and shot a work experience student?  Do you think you’d be going back the next day?  Football really is another planet.

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