Pancakes and Crucifixion

Our church Area Group met at Jon & Emma’s tonight and we enjoyed some stunning savoury and sweet pancakes courtesy of Rada.  I just love pancakes with cheese, ham, soured cream and gherkins.  Mmmmmm.  It was great to share together after a weary Tuesday.

We then watched the crucifixion scene from The Passion.  Wow, what a somber reminder of the suffering of a man and his love for all humankind.  The fun, tastiness, and probably a bit of gluttony, was in stark contrast to the pain and torture that we were watching and it reminded me what Pancake Day, Shrove Tuesday, was all about.  It was the occasion of using up the rich foods in the house in preparation for Lent, a period of fasting to prepare for Easter.

I really am not one for celebrating religious festivals for the sake of it, or out of obligation, but the traditions can be really useful to help us walk with God, gain an understanding of who he is, and to worship him.  If you feel led to then I would really encourage you to fast from something for this Lent season.  A friend put on facebook tonight that you don’t need Lent to prepare your heart to celebrate Jesus death and resurrection and this is very true.  But also, a bit of spiritual discipline is a great way to help us appreciate what we have and to helps us experience the rhythms of spiritual life.


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