Premier League Prediction

It’s been a strange Saturday for football, no Premier League or Championship and loads of postponements.  So I thought I’d have a little prediction at how the Premier League is going to finish.  Being an unfortunate Villa fan the season is a bit more ‘interesting’ than recent years.  I think from 10th to 18th is going to be really tight.  Here are my predictions….any other thoughts?

  1. Manchester United   92pts
  2. Manchester City   79pts
  3. Chelsea   76pts
  4. Arsenal   73pts
  5. Tottenham Hotspurs   69pts
  6. Everton   62pts
  7. Liverpool   59pts
  8. West Bromwich Albion   53pts
  9. Swansea   48pts
  10. Southampton   43pts
  11. Norwich   43pts
  12. West Ham United   41pts
  13. Fulham   40pts
  14. Sunderland   39pts
  15. Newcastle United   39pts
  16. Stoke City   38pts
  17. Aston Villa   38pts
  18. Wigan Athletic   37pts
  19. Queens Park Rangers   34pts
  20. Reading   25pts

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