Grace Church Wolverhampton

18 months ago we were part of a team of Christians that were beginning to ‘plant’ a new church in Wolverhampton – today we had a massive celebration to mark that over the last year and a half we have transitioned from a church plant into a fully fledged church.

In that time Grace Church Wolverhampton has seen many people from the local community impacted by their experience of God – people have been set free from the things that have trapped them, many have encountered God and been baptised, we get a good number worshiping together on a Sunday morning, have seven midweek groups meeting across the Black Country and we have seen healings from illness and injury.

Personally it has been a very positive experience and I have learnt so much – it has not been easy but it is amazing how you can grow and develop through difficult experiences.  Our church leaders, Anthony & Gill Henson, have so much to teach and we are learning how to plant churches from a couple of experts!   I’m really looking forward to seeing what the next 18 months has in store.


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