Taking things for granted

I’ve been mildly ill the last couple of days and it has got me thinking of a few things I take for granted.

The first day I was ill I came back early with the kids from a festival we’d been at and where Rada was still working. So I found myself home alone, the kids in bed and no painkillers in the house.  As I miserably laid awake feeling sorry for myself I felt trapped in the house, not able to nip out to the 24 hour Tesco to get some Lemsip, because I couldn’t leave the kids alone.

And then I realised that there are millions of parents around the country for whom this is daily reality.  I really admire parents who have to bring up their children on their own.  Nobody to take over the responsibility when your having a bad moment, or a bad day. I am very grateful for the circumstance I find myself in.

And then, in my sorry state, I thought how hard it would be to get up and get the kids ready in the morning. But before I got too self indulgent I thought about parents in some other parts of the world whose children are absolutely dependent on the parents ability to provide.  How horrific it must be for them when they get ill, seriously ill.  They must feel absolute terror for their children.  I think we take a huge amount for granted in this country, I am very grateful.


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