Screwed by Welfare

I have a friend who has had his benefits ‘sanctioned’ for making 3 mistakes with the Job Centre over a 12 month period.  His income has gone from very little to absolutely nothing.  He has no food and no electricity and not a hope of any comfort or luxury for the forseable future.  He can’t use the foodbank because he has no electricity for his cooker, for the same reason he cannot wash his clothes or have a warm wash.  He is realistically facing eviction because they stopped his Housing Benefit too.  Can you imagine living like that?

He points out he would be better off in prison because at least he’d get three meals a day and be able to have a wash.  I’m sympathetic to many of the Government’s efforts to cut back and save money but their approach to welfare benefits is inhuman.

I am convinced that Job Centres and benefits offices are deliberately incompetant to reduce the number of successful claims.  They hit their targets, meanwhile I weekly see young people dropping out of education or considering crime to avoid being destitute.  Some terrible, divisive and destructive seeds are being sown at the moment.

BUT….we must work hard to communicate to these young people that they have immense value to society and have the ability to overcome adversity. To persevere.

Our Government is failing disenfranchised young people at the moment.  But as a community we can step up and take some responsibility to love, care for and empower them.  Do your bit, no matter how small.


2 thoughts on “Screwed by Welfare

  1. I have to agree with this. …… well I don’t “have to”, but I will. What’s more, not only are the “jobs, jobs, jobs not there. Not only are the tax funds earmarked for the people, not there. But the government is pouring billions into the banks. Banks that are supposed to epitomize prudent fiscal behaviour. Banks who are in reality, corporate welfare bums!

    All i can offer in a constructive manner, is to urge your friend to go back to the job centre, find a job. No matter how poor it seems and re-build his work credit. It may not be a job that is very credible but it will be a job that can help to re-approach and overcome the sanctions of the job centre. When you get down, the depression sinks in and the hole seems too high to climb out of.

    Tell your friend there are ways out; but he is going to have to try and do it. That there are people who will help, but he has to help himself first. …… all very lofty words, I’m sure? Just seek and he will find. The first step upon the road to recovery, is the hardest.

  2. Yes good words. And a ‘silver-lining’ is that some young people will dig really deep, discover their own ability and determination, and come out the other side more resilient and better able to contribute.

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