Carlos Tevez

Carlos Tevez having his community service order rescinded actually makes me want to cry.  There was something ‘just’ about a rich and powerful man with an ego having to get on with some hard work for the community to make up for the fact that he felt he was higher than the law and for putting other people’s lives in danger.

So to have the order changed to a £3000 fine is staggering.  It’s the equivalent of a young person on benefits swapping community service for a fine of £1.12.  The moral of Carlos Tevez’s time in England is that whatever the rules are you can screw them.  What message does this send to the millions of young football fans?

I often get annoyed by celebrities but usually there’s not much point moaning.  But this Tevez decision goes a lot deeper than an overpaid sportsman getting his own way – this really betrays the truth that we’re in a society where money and power trump justice and respect.

Could anybody with a law or justice background explain the sense in the outcome?  I see this decision provides no deterrent to others, does nothing to rehabilitate Tevez, does nothing to protect society from Tevez, does not act as retribution to Tevez and brings no sense of restoration.  What other purpose of punishment is there?

The judge ruled that Tevez could swap punishment because his move to Italy was ‘out of his control’ because Manchester City sold him.  Surely any employer should expect that if they are giving a contract to someone who still has a sentence to serve then that sentence will need to be respected.  If Juventus have bought him and he has to go back to England to serve community service for a few weeks then it should be more fool them.  Alas, no.  What money wants, money gets.


One thought on “Carlos Tevez

  1. I’m sure there is much more one could read into this court decision? You seem to have covered most of the salient issues. Making sense with your comments. Obviously the money is little more than, water off of a duck’s back for Carlos.

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