Mission YMCA

I’m on the precipice of a little adventure.  Tomorrow morning I take an early flight to Munich and join up with a YMCA team made up of individuals from across the world.  I am hazy on the details but the general purpose will be to reach out into the YMCA Europe festival in Prague next week communicating the message of Jesus.

There are already 4500 young people booked into the festival and it should be a great week.  It will be exciting to meet loads of young people and help them explore the theme of this years feastival – “Love To Live”.  Also, really looking forward to meeting up with the YMCA Black Country contingency at some point. 

But in the meantime I’ll be spending the next 6 days with a bunch of strangers doing some team building, training and planning.  It’s wierd to think that there are people making their way to Munich who I have never met but who may well be close friends by this time next week.

It’s a great opportunity and I am very grateful and I feel privileged.  I’ll try and provide a few updates as we go along.

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