The International YMCA

UK, Germany, Zambia, India, Peru, Colombia and Iceland.  This is the eclectic list of countries that are represented in the YMCA team that I have joined in Munich.  It is so exciting to meet people from countries that I have not had the privilege of meeting before.

Even better than discovering cultural nuances is being able to worship Jesus alongside one another, coming together from across the nations.  I love hearing people pray in their own languages.  And these are some of the most amazing languages you could hear – Icelandic makes my mind boggle!

And complementing all this is the fact that we all come from different YMCAs.  You feel a real kinship knowing that you have the YMCA in common.  The majority of the guys on the team are volunteers.  I think in the UK we take it for granted that many of us can be paid to do jobs we love at the YMCA.  Across the world most of these guys give up hours and days and weeks to help out young people.  And they are soooo passionate too.  It’s already proving an inspiring week.


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