Mission Possible Team

We’re almost at the end of our preparation week for the Mission Possible team for the YMCA Europe Festival.  The last 6 days have been pretty amazing to be honest.  When I journalled before arriving a commented that I would probably meet one or two remarkable people.  Well, I have met 30 remarkable people and it has been one of the greatest pleasures getting to know them.

We have sung, danced, laughed, prayed, eaten, studied, played and of course worked hard together and I think we make a great team.  We are really ready to get into Prague tomorrow and start at the festival on Sunday.  We’re going to be doing all sorts of things and I know that the festival will be even more fun, even more full of life because of the life that is in this group of people.

It is going to be a challenge and hard work, I don’t think I have ever been involved with such a specifically evangelistic team before but it is going to be great to get me out of my comfort zones.  Not sure how the picture below will come out on the post but that’s the team.

Also, really looking forward to meeting up with the Black Country YMCA guys next week, you do miss home even when you’re having a great time.



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