Apocalyptic start to YMCA Europe Festival

This afternoon the gates opened at 4pm for the 2013 YMCA Europe Festival in Prague.  By 6.30pm the first night had been cancelled as gales, torrential rain and lightening ripped through the park.

It was pretty exciting to be there and the darkness and wind in the afternoon certainly had an apocalyptic feel about it.  However, a huge amount of damage has been done and the large team of volunteers will be working through the night ready for the gates to be re-opened at midday tomorrow.

I’m part of the Mission Possible team at the festival and we really made the most of the difficult conditions and had a great time singing and dancing in the huge dining hall (evacuation centre) and then on the tram and train on the way back to our accommodation.  We finished the evening off with another powerful time of worship and praise.  Thanking God that he is in control even when things seem a bit crazy and praying for all those who have been effected by the damage.

This is a video of some of the crazy Mission Possible team on the tram, coming home earlier than expected:

I managed to briefly catch up with Jack who is volunteering in one of the cafe’s which was great, but I was really disappointed to miss Lenny, Sarah and Gary and the rest of the YMCA Black Country crew, though there were reported sightings of them!

Tomorrow I’ll be preaching at the Tent Chapel at 3pm.


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