Buy Local

I know I’m a little late but last Saturday was “Small Business Saturday” where consumers up and down the country were encouraged to buy from local businesses.  We’ve just moved into Wednesbury in the West Midlands so it is a great opportunity for us to get into the habit of using local businesses.  And it’s not actually as hard as you think:

  • Meat – We’ve been to one of the local butchers already.  Yes, butcher meat can be more expensive but it is so much better than supermarket meat in so many ways!
  • Fish – I’m afraid we bought fish from Morrisons but the butcher has told me that Great Bridge market on a Saturday is great for fish.
  • Fruit & Veg – So far bought fresh fruit and veg from Aldi, Morrisons and a market stall.  Need to be more organised to use the market stall more.
  • Bike Repairs – Have avoided Halfords and had incredible service from Wardy’s Cycles in Darlaston.
  • Car Repairs – Haven’t needed them yet but have a couple of local mechanics in mind.  On moving day we used a local van hire rather than one of the international companies.
  • Online Shopping – This is one that we need to get away from I think but it is difficult because online shopping is so convenient.  Amazon have a distribution centre about 20 miles away in Rugeley but I don’t think that makes it a local business!
  • Carpets – We’ve been recommended a little place in Bilston.  Not made a final decision yet but they have just as much choice as any of the big companies.
  • Furniture – Rather than get drawn to the ‘sales’ at the big sofa, bed or dining table warehouses how about visiting a few charity shops.  That has come up short for us on this occasion but the carpet shop mentioned above also have an extensive catalogue of different furniture.  Ikea might be convenient but it ain’t local, even if we do have one quarter of a mile away.

It does take more effort but going round the local shops means you are more in tune with local life because you meet more people and your money is going into the local community.  If anybody has got any good ideas or local recommendations then I’d love to hear them!

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