Storm brewing for the Lords

I read this morning on the BBC that Lords clock in and out of the Houses of Parliament for short periods just to claim the £300 daily expenses rate.

The culprit is a certain, before unknown to us plebs, Lord Hanningfield.  He explained what happens when questioned about his own expenses.  I bet he’s popular in the House of Lords bar at the moment!  In July he claimed £5,700 for attending parliament but never voted or took part in any committees.

He justifies this by saying, according to the BBC, he spent half of the £300 daily fee on expenses and so did not really make any profit.  Eh!?

Since when is £2,850 extra bonus income not profit?

Some rough maths:

£2,850 per month x 12 months = £34,000 per year for extra ‘expenses’

According to there was an average of 484 attendees in the House of Lords last year.

£34,000 x 484 = £16,456,000 = lots of wasted money gone to rich people = angry public 

Lord Hanningfield with an expensive looking dog


One thought on “Storm brewing for the Lords

  1. I wonder if anyone checks who does the punch? It is said, people resemble the dog they look after. Looks like he could do with some regular exercise? An’ where is Hanningfield anyway? Derivation of “hanging field”? Of course he never voted, for he’s a little toad. Spent time in gaol for guess what? Expense fiddling. Was sacked from his job while a MP. For guess what? Yup, more expense fiddling. Looks like a modus operendii, for him. Small wonder he looks like a toad? Yet as a gaolbird he can sit in the upper house?

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