Map of Israel before Sharon


My wife is reading a Middle East travel book that was written in 1945 and belonged to my great-grandfather.  It really is special that she is able to do this.

The photograph above is of a map that appears in the book at the start of the section on Palestine.  It is fascinating to think that less than 70 years ago there was no nation of Israel on the map.

In light of the impending death of Ariel Sharon I think we should spare some thoughts for the grief and heartache suffered by the hundreds of thousands of Palestinian families who, in the decades that followed the publication of this map, were forcibly removed from their homes and have been living in an increasingly strict state of apartheid ever since.

3 thoughts on “Map of Israel before Sharon

  1. All land is holy. There is no “Holy Land”. Everything within the globe, solar system, galaxy and universe was created by God. Vishnu, or whomever you call the supreme being.

    Love is all around, people might wake up and see it for themselves. They should.

    The place that was once Palestine, are just lines on a map. One of the manipulations that was WW2, was to create the country known as Israel. Like countries that are now Mexico, U.S. of A. and Canada, etc. The continent of Americas. Manipulations were made. To claim a land made by God and away from the peoples who were occupying it. No difference.

    That is how evil works.

    God will never appear to claim itself, over science. For science, is but God in another form. The best place to find God. Is within each person, or creature, that has the capacity for love. To be found within.

    Like the mullah who was accused of pointing his feet toward Mecca. He said, “well point my feet to where God is not?” It’s all around, omnipotent ………. OM!

  2. Hi, and thanks for your comments again. Your description of God being in science is interesting. I see that God is revealed in scientific knowledge and understanding but I observe many develop a world view that trusts only in the logic, reason and laws of science.

    For me this can easily become a form of idolatry where an individual fails to search for God Himself, and fails to acknowledge God and instead becomes a humanist, trusting only in the ability of humans to work out this world for themselves. As wonderful as humanity is it will always let us down.

  3. “I observe many develop a world view that trusts only in the logic, reason and laws of science”. ……. Truly!

    Yet that is the beauty of it.

    “As wonderful as humanity is it will always let us down”. …. Quite so!

    Which makes homo sapiens, not the crown of creation. It believes itself to be. Some humility, is not a bad thing.

    When I had a guru, he used to say. God does not exist until you see him face to face.

    Can I show you God? Maybe? That’s not the point. It is about knowing. If you do not know God, then “God is dead”. It is for each person to find, then reflect that same love they find. Corny, but true.

    If the whole world around says “God is dead”? What does it matter? I might agree with them? Except that I know better. While I am required, to find the mote in my own eye first. Is it necessary, to point out that mote in others? ……… OM [en]

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