IKEA: A Rant

I really haven’t got this thought through properly and sorted in my head.  But I really want to write about IKEA because, as some of my facebook friends may have noticed, the place really winds me up.

I had managed to avoid IKEA for a few years.  However, 8 weeks ago we moved house.  Now if you were to drive vaguely in a downhill direction from our new house on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon  for about 75 seconds you would find yourself at the end of the queue for the IKEA car park.  You would still be 500m away from the entrance to the car park but that is how long the queue is because there is something about IKEA that draws the masses.

They are very clever at branding because they have somehow convinced the capitalist world that the consumer needs to have their home set up the IKEA way, you need to live the IKEA lifestyle.  They even creep into popular culture featuring in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Fight Club.  Ironically, the Fight Club concept is certainly full of anti-IKEA lifestyle sentiments but the message still comes through at the start that IKEA defines a way of life.

So I have hideously found myself searching for a car parking space in IKEA four times in the last month* and to be honest the place revolts me.  The way you are conveyored around the whole building, the way they make out that it is a wholesome family experience to spend all your money with them, the way they keep you buying right to the very exit with that cafe where you can’t even get a seat yet it’s rammed with people prepared to stand up and be squashed in while they consume their snacks and caffeine.  I could go on but ranting isn’t good.

What do other people think?  IKEA is obviously really popular so If you love IKEA, why?














* Twice was to return shoddy quality products


One thought on “IKEA: A Rant

  1. In 1980’s I bought a few items from this corporation. Last time, I visited them was when in 2000 at their Neasden, London location which was fairly new then. My mother was interested in a computer desk. We did end up with a purchase, did not use the restaurant. Used it once when visiting their Richmond, Vancouver store. Not a happy experience. Though it was empty. The food was poor quality and basically microwave.

    As for the actual furniture products? I have to agree with your synopsis about their operation. The last few years has seen revelations of how the founder Ingvar Kamprad was a member of Swedish Nazi Party. Consequently, I will find it difficult to ever make another purchase, from them.

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