7 Years of Blogging

Today is exactly seven years since my very first blog post.  ‘nathan the alien’ was originally hosted by Myspace and I certainly have never regretted moving over to WordPress.  I guess I’m quite proud I have kept going for seven years.  Some months I would barely blog at all but I have kept going.  It has helped me process my own thoughts and get out, into the tiny part of the world I can communicate with, just a little bit about what makes me tick and what I think is important.

A highlight definitely has to be when a post about Qatar and Russia being chosen as World Cup hosts made the WordPress homepage and I got hundreds of hits a day for a few days.  But on average only a few people come by each day and I don’t mind that.  It’s easy to get caught up in it sometimes but blogging is most satisfying when you don’t write to generate views but you just write for the challenge and pleasure of writing.  It is nice of course to know that you are read, and I’d love to generate a bit more discussion than I appear to.

This is my 349th post so I have just about hit my initial target 7 years ago of blogging once a week.  I hope there’ll be a lot more to come although, as I boldly stated on my first post, I don’t think I have yet achieved title of the best blog in the history of people Sheffield yet.  Please keep reading.  🙂


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