Manchester City: Financial Unfair Play

I thought we were moving into an era of ‘financial fair play’?

How can any football club be allowed to go after more players when they have just reported annual losses of £51,000,000!?

On the morning that the Independent report that Manchester City are narrowly avoiding being banned from next year’s Champions League for their dodgy finances the BBC report that they are on the pull for two Porto players, one of whom is worth £35,000,000.  I’m sure most clubs are just as bad in their own proportionate way but it really is unfair for the few clubs who balance the books.

Pellegrini seems to be doing a great job where others have fallen short but surely any silverware won by Manchester City is bought with money and not achieved through ability and application.

While I’m at it can I just vent about everyone referring to Manchester City as just ‘City’?  If you didn’t notice Cardiff, Hull, Stoke, Swansea and Norwich also happen to be City clubs and also happen to play in the same league.


One thought on “Manchester City: Financial Unfair Play

  1. Football, or soccer in N.America, has always been about losses. I’m not saying, it’s right. Far from it. Man.C. is a comparative newcomer to the top flight. After decades of languish; in either the lower half of top division or in those lower divisions.

    The deputy Prime Minister of UAE, Al Nahyan bought Man. C. and has opened the floodgates of irresponsible ownership. With a personal wealth of around 20 billion dollars and his families wealth of about 1 trillion dollars. He is flaunting wealth at the expense of other premiership teams.

    As difficult as it may seem for those other less well financially endowed teams in football. The situation will likely continue? Even if there are restraints adopted?

    “The good do not need laws telling them what to do and the bad will just find ways around them” ~ Plato 465 BCE.

    My father was an Arsenal FC. supporter, As also myself, my son and grandson. It leaves me quite admiring of how they are managed by Mr. Wenger. He gets little credit for the way he manages the team. The way he finds the talent around Europe and the world, brings them in and when the players feel they are bigger than the rest of team. Moves them on.

    That’s why Arsenal FC. built a brand new stadium and has it completely paid for within 10 years. They may not have won much hardware, lately, still they are consistent; making the UEFA cup year in, years out. Which means they’re always challenging. While it’s healthy for various teams to have their supporters. It would be a sad world without them.

    I say, “up the gunners”!

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