Send Back The Sun

If you receive a free copy of The Sun through your letterbox today just take a few moments to think:

  • Remember this is the same group as the News of the World that everybody has conveniently forgotten to be disgusted at regarding phone hacking because they rebranded as The Sun on Sunday.
  • No doubt they will be putting some wonderfully positive, ‘let’s all support England together’ message across.  They do not care for England.  The Sun cares for profit and power.  If they will gain profit and power they would have no scruples about tearing this country down.
  • Think intelligently about the advertisements that are being pushed in your face through your letterbox today.  What lies are they telling you?
  • How do you feel about EVERY child in the UK being exposed to the content of what is in The Sun today?
  • Just like every religion and political movement has an ideology The Sun also has an ideology.  How would you feel if the Royal Mail delivered a Christian tract or a copy of the Koran through every door in the UK?
  • Why have they chosen to take out the pornography on page 3 today but feel it is acceptable to sell it in newsagents and shops every other day of the year?

So what can you do with The Sun?  You could save it as an emergency stash of toilet paper.  Or here are four easy steps to removing it quickly from your property:

  1. Roll it up tightly
  2. Hold it together with sellotape
  3. Write this address on it: FREEPOST, The Sun, London E98 1AX
  4. Pop it back in the post box for The Royal Mail

You can also take to social media – hashtags #sendbackthesun #nomorepage3 #keepitup are helpful.  The sad thing is this strategy from The Sun will benefit them, we are a species that struggle to discerne good from crap.  However, the more people in this country who think intelligently about what this means and don’t allow the toxic messages to get through to them the better.  Have a think about doing your bit and spread the word that we don’t have to have this garbage come into our homes.

If anybody else has any grand ideas of how to respond I’d love to hear them.

9 thoughts on “Send Back The Sun

  1. In regard to your first point: No newspaper can be trusted. These people profit by telling you everything that’s going on in the world. You think you’d know they were lying? Look at North Korea. Slightly more extreme but they believe everything they’re told because they don’t know any better.
    Point two: I’m not confident that any business would be different. People want money and power and they’ll do almost anything to get it, especially those who’ve already got a taste for it.
    Three: Adverts are all the same. But they have to meet certain standards to be published. That said, any advert you see in any paper, on any website, during any TV show at any time of the day – none of them are 100% truthful.
    Four: Whatever’s in The Sun, they’ve probably seen ten times worse on the internet.
    Five: If I got given a Bible through the post I’d throw it in the bin without so much as glancing at it. Religion is probably the only thing more full of lies than I imagine the corporate media to be. Everyone has an ideology. And everyone you ever encounter knows something that you don’t. It’s up to you whether you decide to hear them out and listen to what they have to say or dismiss them. I’ve already looked into religion which is how I know it’s not for me, just like you’ve already looked into The Sun. But some people out there do get it, and do relate and appreciate. You might not understand what they see in The Sun (neither do I) but then I can’t understand what people see in religion.
    Six: It’s not porn. Nowhere near. Erotica, maybe. But not porn. The reason they’re taking it out for today is because, as you mentioned in point four, they have to think of the audience. If you go to the newsagent’s and decide you want to buy a lad’s mag, you have to be a certain age. That way, young children aren’t going to be exposed to something inappropriate to them. But if a copy of The Sun is being delivered door-to-door then there’s no way of knowing whether there’s a child around to see, unlike in a shop where you can easily decide whether the material is suitable for the individual to see. But as I mentioned above, they kids have probably already seen boobs. And in certain cultures that’s considered normal. On top of that, there are people in western countries who believe that it should be normal here. Ever heard of ‘Slut-walks’? They’re feminist rallies where women walk around dressed in their underwear (sometimes even topless) preaching that they should be allowed to dress like that if they want. Personally, I don’t understand it, since they complain when they see it in the media but I’m done trying to argue with feminists. But I digress.

    The point I’m trying to make is that you need to think about this. Nothing is going to stop this happening. The Sun will be sent out and its up to whoever gets it to decide what to do. Some people will throw it out because they don’t read it. Some people don’t read newspapers at all anymore. Some people will send it back in a rage.
    But some people will read it and decide that it’s for them.
    Whatever happens, whatever you do, however many people read this or any other related post, The Sun will increase their reader base. They’ll get people talking about them. They’ll get people interested. And in the end they’ll achieve what they set out to achieve and make money.
    You talk about us being a flawed species. In my opinion, nowhere is that more apparent than in scenarios like this. Something we’re passionately and vehemently against arises and what do we do? We take to the intetnet to vent and complain and argue our frustration. And then we do nothing. No amount of moaning is going to change anything. Complaining never changed the world. Acting did.
    Keyboard warrior isn’t a compliment. It’s derogatory.
    It’s good that you have strong opinions and aren’t afraid to voice them. But in this day and age that’s rarely enough to matter.

  2. Erm, it appears to the writer who IS suggesting action (sending back the sun – can’t bear to capitalise letters for it) and the commenter who is the ‘keyboard warrior’, venting pointlessly on the internet… You have successfully validated the article – well done!

  3. Jesus wept, anonymous poster: slut walks are a protest at male violence against women. Women wear what they want on such walks NOT because they fancy walking around in a bra all day, but because women have a right to walk around and not be abused/molested/attacked by men (who then use the excuse “she was asking for it” to justify their behaviour because the woman they attacked dared to wear, say, a skirt. Or a strappy top. Or anything other than a burka).

    And yes, page 3 IS porn. What is it printed for, if not for dirty old men to have a wank over? Tits are on display on page 3 for male sexual pleasure. You may find that a distasteful though but funnily enough, so do I. If it is not suitable to be posted through a letterbox, then it is not suitable to be printed in a “family” newspaper that, yes, kids can discover as it’ll be left around the house, on a bus, in a cafe… It underlines the idea that women are merely sexual objects, whose breasts and bodies are there solely for male pleasure.

    You’re right on one thing, though: pointless venting does shit all. Action changes the world. Action such as “slut walks”, say, or protests such as a mass sending back of the free copies of The Sun to the newspaper itself, say, or the collective campaign, No More Page 3, that works to persuade dim little idiots such as yourself that there is a distinction between women as real, live people and women as sex objects (and has succeeded in persuading major advertisers to stop advertising with The Sun, say).

    The Sun will not increase its readership by doling out free copies in this manner. Just as The Sun has not been read by thousands of households in Merseyside since 1989 (which is why The Sun didn’t bother posting any of its free copies to Liverpool postcodes) – that is just one example of how protest has worked in the past, and has worked in the long term.

  4. Thanks Lau for your encouragement. And Lucy they are really helpful points, very glad you put them up. I like your style.

    Anonymous, I’m afraid I do agree with Lau – you sound like you’re trying to vent more than me, and that’s saying something! You make some interesting points but my feedback is if you want to engage in helpful discussion/debate then have a name and write shorter responses!

  5. i think anonymous was sugesting the op is the keyboard warrior Lau. He does raise sum gud points but it was a bit to long for my liking

  6. Well now that looks bad on u man if u go deleting comments if he looks like a nob then let him haha

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