When God isn’t there…

In 1873 a prominent American lawyer called Horatio Spafford sent is wife and four daughters on a steamship to England for a holiday with the plan to follow them shortly after.  Tragically the steamship sank and his four daughters, along with 222 others, died.  His wife survived. Spafford was a Christian, this event must have shook his faith in God to the core.

Spafford's four daughters

Do you ever doubt God?  Do you ever feel like God just isn’t there?  Maybe your prayers are not answered, or you feel such apathy, hurt or doubt that you cannot even bring yourself to pray.

Please be encouraged and keep going.  There are all sorts of reasons why bad things happen but it is important to remember that God is in control of all situations, no matter how grim, hopeless, or even tragic they may be.

In the Bible a prophet called Ezekiel had a vision where he saw many people who had completely turned away from God and had begun to chase after other reasons to live.  Some had begun worshiping the sun, others had started behaving in ways that hurt themselves and those around them.  Their reasoning was, “The Lord does not see us, the Lord has forsaken the land.”  But in the vision there was a real sense of the holy jealousy of God.  Even when God seems absent we should still give him the worship that is due to him.

Many wise and insightful people have written books exploring about how pain and suffering can be reconciled with the existence of a loving and powerful God.  It is important to engage our intellect on this issue but a great way to engage our whole being with the issue of suffering and an absent God is to actually worship God!

After receiving the news of the death of his four children Spafford came immediately to England.  It is said that it was shortly after passing the spot of the tragic accident in the Atlantic that Spafford wrote the hymn ‘Peace like a River.’  An amazing response of worship in the midst of the worst nightmare that could happen to anyone.

Everybody’s suffering is unique.  Our experience of God is unique.  What will mark us out as those who loved God is how we respond to him in those difficult times.


One thought on “When God isn’t there…

  1. It has been said before. “The purpose of life is to suffer”. It is how we respond to that suffering that marks our way to enlightenment.

    Enlightenment? Means living in light. As humans, we have the unique means to know God. Humans, homo sapiens, can know God practically. We have the life form that has the ability to know God. Whereas animals may seem to be in a trance-like state but have not the means to affect others.

    It has been said by others that, they deny God’s existence. I say fair enough. For it demonstrates someone who is at least thinking about it. Carl Jung, demonstrated that all people have a religious nature. We are born into it. People seem to look for a specific proof. For seeing is definitely believing.

    For someone who has not seen an elephant or perhaps a whale. Will believe because others tell them or they read about it or even have seen it on film. But, until you can see an elephant or whale with your own eyes. That creature really does not exist. In the same manner, there are a few who have genuinely seen God, they can pass that on to others. So, they may find God too. A real and practical experience of light inside. Of a vibration that is God’s word. A word that can be spoken by the dumb and a light that may be seen by the blind.

    I often feel bemused by those who want a specific proof of a godlike experience. Like turning water into wine or curing leprosy. Like some sort of party trick. Yet they cannot let go of the material possessions, that would allow a person to find God in their hearts.

    “The meek will inherit the earth”? May be something put about by the wealthy and powerful, to aid their lust after the earth.

    Sun worship? Well, the sun provides everything to the planets in it’s system. It gives manifest life. There are billions and billions of stars, as too galaxies. So if it’s one God you’re looking for? Obviously, a star is not it. Scientists can explain most things in scientific terms; including the Higgs-Bosun particle. But the reasoning for it is beyond their comprehension. Which is why they seek to deny existence of God. Why or what, started it all? How did the matter come into existence, in the first place?

    Which is why life is continually moving upward, towards the light. The consciousness inside. To eventually know God and know the bliss of everlasting life, of a beam of light.

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