Tories promise pain for those on benefits

I haven’t looked into the detail of what George Osborne was gobbing on about today with regard to benefit cuts* so I’m only dealing with the headlines.  But I think that is ok, sometimes, because it is only the headlines that most people hear about and so that is essentially the message Osborne is trying to get out to the public.

I have two points to put to George:

  1. If you’re that desperate to save £3 billion why not cut a tiny bit of the approximately £60 billion we spend on defence.  Come to think of it why is it called the ‘Defence’ budget?  Looks more like an ‘Attack’ budget to me.   Incidentally, we spend a larger proportion of our GDP on the military than any European country (excluding former Soviet states).  I can’t see extremists instilling terror into Sweden, Belgium and Italy etc.  Maybe its just a coincidence or lack or reporting, or maybe other countries were sensible not to presume they could tell others by force how to live their lives.
  2. The little benefit credit cards you are going on about George, they are pure nastiness and will only serve to humiliate and divide and will not stop people spending on alcohol, gambling etc.  You make the assumption that the majority of people on benefits cannot budget.  And when you spout off about that sort of thing you just reinforce that lie to the rest of us.  How can you lecture others about spending money on alcohol when the tax payer had to pay £7,000,000 last year so that MPs can have cheap alcohol in the Commons?

I must say though, it is very thoughtful of George to scrap inheritance tax on pensions.  I wonder who that is going to benefit most?  Can you imagine how big the pensions are of all these rich Tories?

* Apologies George, I know they’re benefit ‘freezes’ not ‘cuts’, I just forgot for a moment.



4 thoughts on “Tories promise pain for those on benefits

  1. Benefit recipients are never going to vote Tory. Tory voters love this kind of thing in an election year. There are no other reasons for this beyond these two points

  2. Yeah you’re right. I shouldn’t expect anything different but it’s so frustrating when the media report what they say and there is nobody to point out their stereotype of those on benefits is so wrong, and then the stereotype is just reinforced for everyone.

  3. I think that is my problem with Conservative policy – there are benefits for you and I! I just desperately want our Government policy to prioritise tho poor!

    Not to ignore that the minority of those on benefits misspend, but to pile resources into removing the reasons that we have poor people in such a rich country as the UK.

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