Black Friday reveals detestable idol

Throughout the Old Testament God speaks to his people, urging them to put aside things that distract them from him, things that dishonour him.

At one point he says,

“Cast away the detestable things your eyes feast on…do not defile yourselves with the idols of Egypt.”  Ezekiel 20:7

In ancient times God called his people out of Egypt.  Today God calls his people to come out of ‘the world’ around us.  That is, to be wise to the idols of the culture we find ourselves living in, and to cast these idols away.

Black Friday has certainly revealed one of these idols loud and clear.  Yet it is easy to distance ourselves from the blatant madness of Black Friday riots – but not so easy when the idol of materialism is dressed up in a cute John Lewis penguin advert.  Or when you do your weekly food shop and you see something that would make a great extra present for one of your kids.

All materialism serves to achieve is to distract us from worshiping God.  Whether we are getting ourselves crushed in an insane Black Friday shopping spree, or whether we are clicking on the insipid adverts in the middle of our facebook pages, we are demonstrating that we are putting our trust in the possessions we can accumulate.  Is that what you really want to be trusting in?


One thought on “Black Friday reveals detestable idol

  1. The smiles and absolute pleasure shown by those successful shoppers, reminds me of addictions.

    She grabbed the Dyson just because she could have something in her trolley? Addiction? Some people in Canada have so much stuff, they use storage cubicles for the excess. Yet there is still plenty of homeless and those that go without essentials.

    I do not regard myself as Christian, yet the worship of Mammon is evident everywhere. “Love thy neighbour as thyself and do unto others as you would have done unto you”. Could be used no matter what religion is followed. It is surprisingly difficult to do. Seeing as how simple it seems.

    Black Friday supposedly the day of the year the ordinary person has paid off all the taxation for the year? Whatever happened to White Thursday, Red Monday or Yellow Thursday? When people live in large urban areas, the thousands of years of hunting/gathering. Is substituted with shopping.

    Black Friday sounds like some sort of Satanic ritual? It can be seen from the Youtube clip, that’s exactly what it is!

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