Put a shroud over Farage

So Nigel Farage says that businesses should make up their own rules after a women in a posh hotel was asked to cover herself with a shroud whilst breastfeeding.

Farage defended his comments by stating that ‘some people are embarrassed by breastfeeding’.  Apologies Nigel, but I’d be embarrassed by you if I saw you in public.  Perhaps you’d be so kind as to cover yourself with a shroud?

It really is concerning how attractive UKIP sound to many people.  They claim that the Tories have veered left and they are the only reasonable choice describing themselves as ‘centralist liberal’.  This diagram and explanation from Another Angry Voice is really helpful in taking the shroud off of the real Nigel Farage and informing how far from the truth the UKIP spin is.

Another Angry Voice: A Lesson in Political Illiteracy


3 thoughts on “Put a shroud over Farage

  1. When getting a haircut, the 2 subjects supposed to stay clear of are politics and sex?

    In general, it seems to myself, politicians are criminals wrapped in the mantle of respect. They are self serving and cater to the lowest common denominator. I’m a member of the Green Party of Canada. Yet I’m under no illusions that when it comes down to it they are any different.

    If someone really wants to see how the world is driven? Then two things are needed. One, discover what their real personality is. Through the Myer-Briggs personality test. Then, two, look up the demographics of personality as determined by MBPI.

    It is how the demographics of personality, that determine the human world as we all know it. For out of the 16 personality types as determine by Myer-Briggs. Four types represent 68% of population. Which leaves little space for the rest.

    As for breast-feeding in a public space. Personally, I’m not offended. Yet many can be, with other women likely the worst offended? Obviously, it is a natural thing. Yet so many other humans, see it differently.

    We had politics now it’s all about sex. The covering of the human body for “modesty”, over centuries of prejudice and poor guidance from leaders. Women’s breasts have been objectified and used as objects of desire, over the natural use for which they were intended.

    Lastly, I would share with you this blog that has this.


    Oh and that shroud? Should be shared by many others, including Mr. Farange.

  2. I would say that we have not heard about them because institutions like the Smithsonian have been covering them up. I have heard of these giant skeletons prior to this. For many museums in N.America had them displayed, until they mysteriously disappeared. Gives some credence to Goliath, maybe?

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