Mind the gap

I hate it when I don’t blog for a while.  I really enjoy writing but it’s almost been two months – without checking that’s probably the longest I have been without posting since I first started in 2007.

I have had lots of things I wanted to write about – a wonderful and intriguing trip to Montenegro, girls lost in Nigeria, stuff I’ve read in the Bible, books I’ve read, UKIP, the Premier League run in……

……but I just haven’t had the mental energy to sit down and get something down.  So I’m just getting one post out there this morning in the hope that it smooths the way for my brain to get psyched up for another post in a day or two.


Home, work, work, home

What’s it like to be an immigrant?  Must be dead tough.  I am living in a foreign country right now but I don’t want to lay any claim to truly be experiencing the life of an immigrant.  I have a wife and friends who can translate every word for me.  I am being generously supported by family and friends so that I am able to get on with the work with the church here.  I have a good life here.

But what about an economic migrant or an asylum seeker?  You don’t speak or read the language but then you get something through the post that looks vaguely like a bill.  What do you do?  You can’t ask anyone because they won’t understand you.

And then you’re trying to earn money to survive in a strange land.  This is a cult video by Montenegrin Ekrem Jevric who is based in New York.  A very funny video but serious lyrics.  “Work, home, home, work”.  The life of an immigrant. “Hey New York darkness loom all over you.”  And then the discrimination – treated like a second class citizen.  “What do I know?  I don’t know anything, how could I?”  Spare a thought…

God Wants You To Know – Facebook App

I have noticed a few of these in my news feed over the last few days.

The sentiment behind it is probably very nice but I can’t help thinking this facebook application is very similar to Your Daily Horoscope!  You click a button and get a divine message to make you feel better.

I am not sure how a facebook application can claim to speak for the Almighty.  Maybe I’m missing a trick here but I really don’t like it!  I think it would be much better to ask God yourself what he wants to say to you rather than relying on a computer program.  He knows you, He loves you, He wants what is best for you – listen to Him.

Strange people read my blog

My blog is clever and tells me the things people type into search engines before they are directed to read my blog.

Here are some of the more notable ones – the mind boggles to think what some people were hoping to find:

  • rada washing machines
  • tiger woods alien
  • difference between none and no one
  • candle song kendrick reflection (twice!)
  • lesbians in sheffield
  • he wore wellies
  • embroidery in sheffield

26 Russians or Tiger Woods’ face?

Which is more important…the lives of 26 Russians or the smoothness of Tiger Woods’ face?

Well clearly, for me, it is much more important that some advertising employee may have to spend an extra half hour airbrushing Woods’ chiseled mugshot for the next Gillette advert than the fact that loads of families have been devestated by the needless deaths of loved ones in a train crash in Russia.

I was faced with two headlines when I switched on the BBC website yesterday morning.  One read, “Dozens killed in Russian train crash’.  The other read, “Golfer Woods injured in car crash’.  Which one did I automatically click on?  Yes, the Tiger Woods one.

I think this is symptomatic of two things:

  1. We live in a celebrity obsessed culture that magnifies small incidents of the chosen few into world changing news items.
  2. We give precidence to small ‘disasters’ in English speaking countries high over and above genuine catastrophes in the non-English speaking world.

Two very silly traits.


“The connection is so subtle and it’s so fragile in the world we live in. It’s like a bird’s song. All the noises of the world seem to devour that song. Just go out your front door and listen… you hear people shouting, cars driving, radios, TV, the list is endless. You have to first shut all the noises out and you have to listen and became silent… to hear the song. And if you find it, it’s so beautiful!”

I’ve been following this discussion over at Naked Pastor about struggling to ‘connect’ with God.  I mentioned that I often struggle to ‘connect’ with God both at church and away from church.  I am too easily distracted, irritated and far to apathetic.  I asked the question, what does it mean to be ‘connected’ anyway.  This is a theme I’d love to explore but for now I’d just wanted to share the words that are at the top of this post.  They were written by Kaalvoet-Kind.