Americans believe only in America

Intelligent comment from Giles Fraser in The Guardian on American Christianity.  In conclusion – American doesn’t believe in Jesus Christ, it believes in America.  Worth a read.

Donald TrumpI particularly like this quote, “On the whole, I defer to people’s self-description when it comes to religious belief. If people say they are Christian then that’s good enough for me – unless we are talking about school places or running for office. Then it’s worth a little more scepticism.”

A couple of questions to Americans who love Jesus:  Does this resonate?  Is the commentary fair?



It’s not so much in the news….but please don’t forget

Some statistics (accurate up to 16th Nov 2010)

  • Number of Israeli children killed by Palestinians since September 2000  –  124
  • Number of Palestinian children killed by Israelis since September 2000  –  1,452
  • Current number of Israelis held prisoner by Palestine – 1
  • Current number of Palestinians held prisoner by Israel – 7,383
  • Number of Israeli homes demolished by Palestinians since 1967  –  0
  • Number of Palestinian homes demolished by Israel since 1967  –  24,145
  • Amount of military financial aid to Israel from America each day in 2009  –  $7,000,000
  • Amount of military financial aid to Palestine from America in 2009  –  $0
  • Number of Israeli settlements built on Palestinian land  –  239
  • Number of Palestinian settlements built on Israeli land  –  0

Source –

It’s not in the news as much as it sometimes is.  Please don’t forget the Palestinian people who live in daily fear and suffering.