Montenegro News

Seems like I’ve been dead busy for weeks now.  My creative juices run weakly, energy is low and social opportunities abound.  This all leads to a lack of thoughtful blogging.  So I’ll just give you a quick summary of what has been going on.

Norwegian and British Christmas came and went, then there was the task of distributing 4000 Christmas Boxes donated through Operation Christmas Child/Samaritan’s Purse from the UK.  It is a different perspective to see the issues surrounding getting them to the children who would enjoy them the most.  The project was headed up here by student worker Danijel who worked tirelessly amidst politics and harassment to get the packages out – all Rada and I really did was take two car loads of shoe boxes to Rada’s dad’s old school up in the village.  What an incredible experience and warm reception!  They treated us like honoured guests and gifted us with a book of the history of the school and fed and watered us very satisfactorily at their end of year feast.

Rada giving out shoe box presents sent from the UK

We have also hosted a New Years party, a family of visiting Norwegians and my old friend Bojan.  I hadn’t seen him for over 3 years but it was one of those precious friendships that takes off where it left of and then deepens immediately.  An amazing time but sadly Bojan is going back to Serbia today.

Mathilda, Bojan & Emil at New Years - they're all taller than me

Yesterday was Christmas in Montenegro.  I managed to pace myself better than my last Christmas here when, after 5 visits before 1pm, I felt a bit like Dawn French in the Christmas episode of the Vicar of Dibley….remember?  So was pretty exhausted yesterday but at least I could move without….well I’ll spare you the details.

Tomorrow is our Christmas service followed by lunch together at the church.  Looking forward to being with people and celebrating the birth of our saviour.