Olympic Interest


6.6 million tickets

Average ticket £40

Money goes out of bank accounts in May 2011

Olympic Games take place July/August 2012

Anybody know how much interest you can get for holding onto £240,000,000 of the public’s money for 14 months?

Smug Seb


I am unreasonable


What!!??  How stupid can a court be?  So we’re not allowed to use long paintbrushes or paint on the floor now?  I’m very sorry for the kid and his family but why should anybody be responsible for this freak accident?  It’s just one of those things.

You know this actually gets me really angry.  I refuse to pander to the health and safety obsession.  Our country must lose so many millions of pounds each year faffing around with risk assessments.  One of the best ways to be healthy is to have fun but we are stopped from doing fun activities because there is a minute risk of a freak accident.  This decision might make this kid rich but will terrify schools and businesses up and down the country.

But what do I know?  According to this judge, Lady Dorrian, I am unreasonable because I would not have taken steps to prevent a freak accident.  I really care for young people. that’s why I work with them, but I think this judgement, as reported by the BBC, is utterly ridiculous.

West Ham must be punished severely

I like West Ham United.  I respect them more than most clubs, they have an air of dignity about them.  However, the actions of their fans and some of their players last night were disgusting.

Three times their fans poured on to the pitch enticed by players’ goal celebrations that were certainly over the top considering the context of the match.  Every fan should be identified and sentenced to community service doing youthwork with young lads so they can actually do some good for the next generation rather than be a gloomy example of pathetic irresponsibility.  Both clubs should foot the bill for all the damage and for the police presence needed outside the stadium.

It is credible that some football clubs have shown some responsibility and almost eradicated hooliganism but West Ham and Millwall clearly have a long way to go.  I know that the majority of culprits are not real football fans but they commit violent crime in the name of football and it is just not right that the public are in danger and the tax payer foots the bill to sort these issues out.

There is so much money in football.  The clubs and players should put their hands in their pockets and sort out this problem once and for all.  I suggest both clubs should be docked points in the league.  They would soon solve the problems if a club lost 10 points every time there was trouble at a match.

The plunder of the poor is in your houses

In my house I have many items of clothing that have been plundered from poor people.  I paid much less for them than they were actually worth which means I stole money from the workers that made them, somewhere across the other side of the world.

Lots of the food that I buy, I pay less for than the food is actually worth.  Which means I have stolen money from the farmers who grew the food, somewhere across the other side of the world.

Much of the petrol I fill my car up with, I get quite cheaply because my country has gone to war to get cheaper oil.  This means I buy into those wars, somewhere across the other side of the world.

“‘The plunder from the poor is in your houses.  What do you mean by crushing my people and grinding the faces of the poor?’ declares the Lord, the LORD Almighty.”    Isaiah 3:14-15

MPs’ expenses poll

I have resisted commenting thus far in the crazy affair.  I can’t say that it has enamoured our trustworthy Members of Parliament to me that much.  I’ll comment/vent in a couple of days.  In the meantime….what do you think?

Any other creative methods of righting the wrongs?

My cushy life

I was round the flat of one of the young people I work with yesterday, their cupboards were totally bare aside from bread, butter, milk and a tin of soup.

I worked out with them that they had £10 to spend on food for the next week.  So I took them to Asda and we tried our best and managed to spend £8.28, leaving some money for bread and milk later next week.

It was demoralising going for ALL the ‘smartprice’ items.  I’m not one for luxury but having to pass over all of Asda’s own regular products (3 times more expensive!) was really tough.  We got back to the flat and I left the young person to a lonely weekend.  Ouch.

I have a cushy life.

Didier Drogba, a human

I don’t have much affection for Didier Drogba – he cheats, he has a foul temper, he cheats, he is arrogant, he cheats, he throws coins at football fans and he also cheats.  Most football fans hate him but I think there is a lot of envy in there as well.  He gets paid loads of money and is an incredible footballer.  What’s more he is fairly good looking too.  There is a lot to be jealous of and I think that is why I am more partial to participate in the anti-Drogba feeling than I would be to slate the average bloke in the street.

But what last night’s outburst reminded us is only that Didier Drogba is a human being.  He has faults and doesn’t live up to other people’s expectations.  Can anybody reading this say that they have no faults or are able to live up to everybody else’s expectations?  Yes what he did last night was wrong and he should face the consequences but at the end of the day he is just another human trying to get by in life.

Everybody has fallen a long way short of God’s standards.  I have, Didier Drogba has, and you have. 

watch out there is a swear word in this clip!