Procrastination is bad!

We’re in the season of dissertations and revising.  Millions of us are trying to be productive at work every day.  Countless gardens need tending.  Unlimited letters need writing and emails sending.  All the kids across the country need someone to spend some time with them.

But loads of these tasks don’t get done because of procrastination.  Sometimes we can glorify this with comments on facebook similar to the cartoon above (courtesy of Dave Walker).  However, we really should be overcoming this habit of putting off till tomorrow what should be done today.

I was reading a devotion from Joyce Meyer earlier and she stated that if we can avoid procrastination then we can really enjoy our leisure time so much more.  I totally agree with this!  Cull the distractions, be determined, find some ways to be disciplined, get your work done, and then…..RELAX!

Have a productive and relaxing day!


Get ready the night before

The only reason that I am able to write this blog this morning is because I got everything ready for today….last night. I packed my bag for work making sure my keys, phone and wallet were found.  I got ready my things for the gym.  I packed my lunch (saving money and making sure it’s healthy).  And I got my work clothes ready to throw on.

This morning when my alarm went off I had the luxury of two snoozes, and behold, once I was awake I had plenty of time to write a blog.  Sadly, this has become a rarity, I just find myself too hectic.

I would thoroughly recommend getting prepped the night before.  It helps your day start off well and I feel very relaxed right now.

Home, work, work, home

What’s it like to be an immigrant?  Must be dead tough.  I am living in a foreign country right now but I don’t want to lay any claim to truly be experiencing the life of an immigrant.  I have a wife and friends who can translate every word for me.  I am being generously supported by family and friends so that I am able to get on with the work with the church here.  I have a good life here.

But what about an economic migrant or an asylum seeker?  You don’t speak or read the language but then you get something through the post that looks vaguely like a bill.  What do you do?  You can’t ask anyone because they won’t understand you.

And then you’re trying to earn money to survive in a strange land.  This is a cult video by Montenegrin Ekrem Jevric who is based in New York.  A very funny video but serious lyrics.  “Work, home, home, work”.  The life of an immigrant. “Hey New York darkness loom all over you.”  And then the discrimination – treated like a second class citizen.  “What do I know?  I don’t know anything, how could I?”  Spare a thought…

Lucky Boy I Am

I’m breaking up for half-term today.  I remember at school the last day before any holidays was AMAZING.  You just couldn’t believe your luck that you were gonna get a week, two weeks or even……six weeks off!  Well today I have a trace of that feeling somewhere…..I’m about to break up for a whole week!

But, even though that means 9 days before I’ll be back at work I’m a little perplexed.  Work takes up so much time and energy that it’s gonna be strange not going in and definiately against my current thought wiring not to be thinking about work.  But it will be really good to ‘switch-off’ from it for a while and re-focus on a couple of more important things.

Another reason that I’m it doesn’t feel quite exciting as it used to in Year 8 is because I actually quite like work.  In fact I love it.  I wake up in the morning and look forward to getting into the office, seeing colleagues and meeting families and young people.  Lucky boy I am.

How do you help?

Spotted this on Lee & Baz’s blog.  A challenging video.

Are you helping?

Rather than just slagging off the embarrassing, socially inept street preacher it’d be better for me to be constructive.

I try and live my whole life serving God.  I hope that lots of the little things I do actually, in some tiny way, ‘help’:

  • eating dinner with my family
  • taking time to listen to a friend at work
  • playing footy with the lads on a Monday night
  • being an advocate for disempowered young people
  • sharing my experience with a trainee youth worker
  • praying with someone who’s stressed
  • popping in for 10 minutes to see a friend
  • taking Anya swimming
  • writing a blog post(!?)
  • taking time out the day to meditate on who God is
  • writing to a politician about the situation in Palestine

The list goes on.  How are you helping?

The start of the day

Yesterday at work was alright.  I made it about a tenth of the way through my to-do list and a few annoying things came at me but it was ok.  A friend really encouraged me sending me a Bible verse, “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.”  I felt quite peaceful during the day although it was hard work.  Didn’t particularly anticipate returning today.

Now it’s 7am.  I’ve got some chilled music on and enjoying surfing through some blogs and looking forward to a nibble of breakfast.  I could stay here all day…….


………good job I wasn’t designed with comfort in mind!  Bring it on life!

Pulling a sickie, or not

Let’s be honest, while it might be tempting sometimes, pulling a sickie is the wrong thing to do.  It’s dishonest, dishonouring to your employer, bad for the organisation you work for and, accumulatively, bad for the country.

This website is funny but I think it’s totally the wrong attitude.  However, if you’re really ill then I think it’s the best thing to take time off work, get yourself well again and avoid getting all your colleagues ill too.  If I feel like I’m coming down with something then half a day off can be just what I need to prevent the onslaught of full blown man-flu.

BUT…I think we can have so much more integrity than this by doing the best we can to avoid getting ill in the first place:

  1. 5 A DAY. Get those fruit and veg down you.  Good tips that might help you snack healthily throughout the day – a couple of raw carrots, making a fresh smoothie (out of fruit, yogurt, ice and sugar), a handful of raisins, a bag of nuts, fresh fruit juice.
  2. WATER. Be really careful what you drink.  We get three free vending machine drinks at work each day and it really is not good for you.  As I don’t drink tea or coffee I’m also tempted to buy energy drinks to get me through a long afternoon which are probably even worse.  A regular intake of water will do you the world of good.
  3. EXERCISE. Get your heartrate going really fast for at least 20 minutes, 3 times a week.
  4. GO TO BED. Being disciplined in when you go to bed will help your health immensely.  You probably know how much you need to be on good form.  From experience if I need to be consistently getting 7.5 hours otherwise I’ll begin to wear out.
  5. SEX. Well as long as it’s with your husband or wife the more sex you have the better you’re gonna feel*!
  6. BE PREPARED. Get everything ready for the morning rush the night before – clothes out the cupboard and ironed, lunches made, bags packed, have a shower – that way you’ll be able to wake up, have a (semi**) leisurely morning and not associate getting to work with a load of stress.
  7. FEED YOUR SPIRIT. We are all spiritual beings designed to need something bigger than ourselves.  Explore God, stimulate your spirit through prayer, fasting, worship, simple living.  These things help give you a proper perspective of the world we live in and our place in it.

I appreciate that some of the points above might be a big step or difficult but if you’re able to put some of them into practice then you’ll begin feeling a little sharper, more up for work and generally happier!

* Points 4 and 5 can get in the way of each other if you’re not careful but on the other hand 5 can potentially help with 3! 😉

** the number of children you’ll need to get ready will have a big effect on this but get all their things ready the night before and you’ll be well on your way.