Trying to get by without her

Like toast trying to be irresistible without cheese.  Like Sonny trying to have a pop career without Cher.  Like Man Utd trying to defend without Vidic.  Like a car trying to get anywhere without petrol.  Like trying to quench your thirst without an ounce of liquid.  Like Pat trying to deliver post without Jess.  Like trying to live without your pulmonary aorta.  Like trying to be Italian without panache. 

I was trying to get by without her.


Come close to me

I want you to be open, honest and vulnerable.
I won’t reject you.
Please, take a step back and look at me.
I am searching for you.
But my quest is made difficult by blindness.
Cataracts of my own experience weigh darkeningly on my eyes.
I look hard and try to focus on you,
but in anguish find only mist and confusion
Come close to me,
and let my fingertips touch you, they do not lie to me.
I cannot trust perceptions of my eyes.
But what I touch, discover, in the closeness,
I love.